Meaning Based Leadership is leadership aimed at a meaningful and valuable life in which dialogue and imagination are central. It’s about putting your leadership in a bigger story. It starts from the assumption that leadership is a reciprocal response relationship. It is not available separately. MBL is actually relationship science: you relate to your own story, that of your stakeholders and the organization. You resonate with what is profoundly happening among people.

And with that, MBL is also a counterpoint to the dominant culture of functionalism and social engineering ideas. It is a plea for a different attitude towards the world and everything around us, other than that of control and domination. MBL is not evidenced-based. Is not about doing but about being. Does not start from personality tests, organization charts or other attempts to objectify the world and the other. MBL does not take our theoretical knowledge but the direct experience of things as its starting point. In an experience, observer and perceived are related and both contribute to the experience.

MBL awakens to paradoxes, contradictions, areas of tension and ambivalence. From the realization that the essence of reality can be captured in those polarities. Meaning comes from difference!

MBL works from the idea that man is not only a social but also a religious being: always looking for connection (religare = connecting). At MBL it is not about who or what you are, but how you connect with others and the world around you. MBL is there for all those leaders who are focused on a meaningful life instead of career and financial security.

This manifesto marks the beginning of my enterprise.. a poursuivre….and to start with… writing a book about Meaning Based leadership.

Leontien- dec 2020

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