The Book… work in progress

Leaders are very capable of formulating a beautiful purpose and then ‘rolling it out’. But it often stays on the surface, like the sugar coating on a cake. The purpose does not resonate with what is happening deeply among people.

This book is about the most important task of leaders: unlocking meaning. Only in this way actions in an organization actually add values to society and the world as a whole. Meaning Based Leadership is about a person’s deepest desire to be meaningful.

Meaning Based Leadership is leadership focused on a meaningful and valuable life in which dialogue and imagination are central. It’s about putting your leadership in a bigger story: relate to your own story, that of your stakeholders and of the organization.

The book describes how, as a leader, you can create an infrastructure of values. On the basis of three theological concepts, the reader is given a new direction of view to look at experiences. The book aims to teach leaders a sensitivity to experiences that are potentially rich in meaning and can carry the purpose of an organization and further flesh it out.

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